Holiday Essentials

So just like that it became July. The weather has finally improved and it’s finally time to get the legs out and bring all the summer fashion your way!

We have picked out the most essential holiday essentials for you this year to get inspired or if you are super organised, to add the last few bits to your suitcase!

First up are dresses!

It’s all about the maxi’s, this gorgeous pink gown can be dressed up with some diamonds earrings and heeled sandals or espadrilles, or completely toned down as a cover – up for beach wear. The best holiday clothes are the ones that can be worn in multiple ways!

We then have this beautiful peach, evening number. That has embellished stones in the middle and a keyhole split over the cleavage area. Super summery colour and will look gorgeous with a tan! Also, because of the jewelled detail you don’t need to go overboard with accessories for this one.

This last dress is very versatile and can be dressed up or down, again which is what we are aiming for with holiday buys! Over a bikini for day time or add heels and some statement jewellery with red lipstick for that evening look. Lovely and long and a tight fit. Comes in multiple colours but our favourite for summer was the red!

You can never go wrong, with having a pair of denim hot pants in your suitcase to just throw on as a cover up over a bikini or swimsuit or just for a casual day out! They have really cute embellished square studs on the front too! Nice festival look too.

Moving onto tops, this material is very light and thin and has a gorgeous halter neckline. It has a detailed zip over the front and isn’t too tight so it’s nice and flowy, hangs in all the right places. Perfect piece to have for summer. Comes in multiple colours but we chose the white –

This gorgeous teal coloured top is the perfect combination with a tan and the detail on the straps are so beautiful it can really be dressed up. The material is lovely and shiny too and has a beautiful cut going up towards the neckline.

Sandals and flip flops are the only way to go for holidays! So we are kicking it off with these beautiful brown sandals with a black, white and sand coloured strip over the toes section. Nice big chunky heel, very ideal for walking!

Next we have a chunky mule with an espadrille style heel, in black –

Lastly, we have a flatter heel with a grid style section covering the foot which will show skin through with open toe. Again, comes in multiple colours and we went for beige –

To end, we found some statement jewellery to jazz up a swimwear look or evening wear!

With a matching necklace and earrings –

So that brings us to the end! Enjoy your holidays and remember to keep in style!

Written by Phoebe Lourdes

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