Winter is Coming!

And just like that, summer, autumn and halloween are all over.

To think it’s just over a month until Christmas is so exciting and we can finally whip out all of the big fur coats, hats and scarves.

We have selected the finest and warmest dressado finds for winter. 

The first thought of winter in terms of fashion is getting out all of the faux fur coats and this statement grey fur coat is incredibly warm and stylish at the same time. Pair it with some skinny jeans and knee high boots and you are ready to go:

For those of you that are going for a more bold look, this wonderful brown coat is the perfect match. It has a lovely belt to accentuate the waist and a faux leather look. It also has a smart black lining. This can totally be dressed up or down.

59.38 inc. VAT

Puffa jackets are a basic winter essential, this one is lovely as it’s cropped and has a high neck so it goes with multiple outfit choices and comes in black, red & grey.


Ladies jacket

73.44 inc. VAT

For the half leather/fur type this gorgeous black jacket is a basic need to go with everything in your wardrobe:


Ladies jacket

76.96 inc. VAT

You can never go wrong with a turtle neck and this jumper is lovely and long and baggy so you can pair it with jeans or perhaps even can be worn as a dress:

57.98 inc. VAT

This two piece set is great for lounging around or a quick errand shop. It’s super comfy and stylish:

43.92 inc. VAT

For you gym lovers, this is a great matching two piece to take to the gym to keep warm and still look sporty and stylish:

Two Piece Sets

Ladies suit – grey

41.82 inc. VAT

The colours of this scarf scream winter and it’s so beautiful and thick. The brown tones will always be a colour that is stylish:

22.84 inc. VAT

To end, we have some stylish warm boots for you to choose between, including over the knee boots:

52.36 inc. VAT

Heeled ankle boots:

Or classic complete flats:

Thank you for tuning in once again with dressado and we look forward to our last post of the year, which is our Christmas special full of glitter and sparkles.

Have a wonderful month of November!

Written by Phoebe Lourdes

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