Tips to Transition Your Outfits From Summer to Autumn

Tips to Transition Your Outfits From Summer to Autumn 1

September is the month when it’s not summer anymore but autumn hasn’t fully arrived either. Not to mention that the weather might significantly change throughout the day too. So you have to think what to wear so you’ll feel comfortable.

Here are some essential tips to transition your outfits from summer to autumn:

Make sure you’ll have the right shoes.

If there’s no chance of rain, quite high temperatures and only sunny weather, you can still get the summer style with some sandals like these:

 43.92 inc. VAT

In any other case, you can go for ankle boots or trainers. These open-toe suede ones work great: 

 48.84 inc. VAT

Shiny ankle boots are ideal for fancy ladies not only for work or going out but for nearly any casual setting:

 45.33 inc. VAT

It’s possible to have quite fancy trainers too. Here’s a great example, which comes with a discreet colourful touch:

 47.44 inc. VAT

For more shades, these ones will do just fine as they mix matte ones with shiny details:

 41.82 inc. VAT

Check the weather on your phone in the morning.

It takes 2 seconds and you won’t have any surprises during the day.

Outdoors it’s still right for a top that’s just a tiny bit revealing:

 33.38 inc. VAT

Midi dresses seem to be made just for September. Whether chic:

 33.38 inc. VAT


Or an interesting combination between both styles:

Womans Clothing

Ladies dress by Voyelles

 34.78 inc. VAT

Stunning plus size options are available too:

 70.17 inc. VAT

Always have a jacket nearby.

It’s a safe bet not to leave home without any extra clothing items. A jacket is a must-have. You can put one in your car and even fit an extra long-sleeve in your bag if the weather seems tricky.

Denim jackets are great in September and the wide variety of options make them even more appealing. If you’d prefer rivets and an interesting cut, this jacket is for you:

 48.84 inc. VAT

Do you prefer the good old denim cut that can fit an extra sweater beneath? Add a hoodie to be warm at any time of the day.

 48.84 inc. VAT

Some ladies really dislike being cold and prefer to wear coats right away. This one’s fabric is adequate for September:

 69.93 inc. VAT

If you would like to stay classy yet casual but you find most jackets in this range way too sporty, just have a look at these ones:

Womans Clothing

Ladies jacket – taupe

 45.33 inc. VAT

Womans Clothing

Ladies jacket – green

 55.87 inc. VAT

The variety of options for this wonderful long-sleeve makes it hard not to get one:

 33.38 inc. VAT

It’s a great time to include capris and 3/4 sleeves.

Too long for summer and too short for cold days? This mean they are perfect for in-between.

Athletic ladies can get moving while wearing these, whether they like bold shades or the classic black:

 31.27 inc. VAT

We have so many fantastic capris that the only question is which ones to choose. 

These shirt blouses are loose-fitting so you’ll feel comfy all day long: 

 36.90 inc. VAT

In September you can still wear a feminine maxi dress with a nice V-shaped cleavage:

Don’t forget about sleepwear either:


Flavia Set

 51.40 inc. VAT

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