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Dressado’s Fashion Work Edit 1

The weather is tricky in October. Picking out clothes for work is the most challenging outfit-related task. The ever-changing temperature doesn’t make things easier. 

Even if you aren’t supposed to wear business clothes, it’s always a bit confusing to figure out adequate and comfortable work outfits. You can’t just go home if you didn’t choose something good enough. 

Therefore it’s essential to go for clothes according to the workplace temperature. Going for the wrong outfit can prevent you from properly focusing on the daily tasks. No one is efficient when being cold or too warm.

Shirts are the main items to have if you’re into a business look:

A blazer is great as it offers you the freedom to quickly change. This lovely one with contrasting stripes will become your new favourite clothing item.

If you’re a fan of autumn earthy tones, this lightweight one is for you:

You can match it wonderfully with these trousers for an elegant casual look:

Not ready to let go of the summer shades yet? These high-waist loose-fitting trousers bring back the summer rays as much as a work outfit can do:

Midi dresses are just right for autumn as they keep you warm without making any compromises in terms of style. They also compliment your curves. After all, the cold weather doesn’t have to force you to wear baggy unflattering clothes.

A pair of classic jeans is a safe bet to be out the door in no time. These ones have that neutral look that you can match either with a fancy shirt or with a casual top:

A coat like this will keep the cold away when you go to lunch or outside to get some fresh air:

When it’s particularly unpleasant outside, this fantastic reversible jacket is simply perfect to stay warm and avoid massive temperature changes. Just have a look at the season’s ideal outdoor teddy fleece:

Pastel tones work nicely with classic trousers. Check out this airy blouse: 

Sometimes you just want to keep things simple. Mix this nice blouse or this stretchy sweater with a pair of classic trousers and you won’t lose any time in front of the closet:

A pullover in two shades will work just fine too:

How about a jumpsuit? It takes two seconds to get ready for work when you go for this:

Comfy shoes are a must if you have to walk quite a lot. Chelsea boots are the go-to October footwear. We have lots of alternatives:

If you prefer to wear heels, we have plenty of classy options for you. From boots to pointy shoes, the only question is which ones do you like more. Better yet, try them all as they are so comfortable too:

Some ladies only need a little purse, while others like to have everything they might need in a roomy shoulder bag. What do you prefer?

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