How do I apply to become an affiliate?

You can find out more about what’s involved here

Once you sign up your application is reviewed and you will receive an email


How do I make money as an approved affiliate?

You can make money by sharing Dressado’s fabulous range of clothing via your affiliate link. When a person purchases a product via your link then you receive commission.

Additionally, affilates can receive one of the following:

  • a purse of their choice with €300 sales per month
  • a handbag of their choice with €700 sales per month
  • a pair of shoes of their choice with €1000 per month

Make sure you add your reference ( ?ref=xxx ) to the end of any Dressado URL you are sharing. eg: will become

*Remember to check your stats regularly as you don’t receive an alert for your sale


How do I create/share my link?

Your unique ref number will be available in your Sales Agent Dashboard when your application is approved.

Your link details will be available in the Affiliate Dashboard You can add your sales agent reference to any Dressado URL using the generator.

Sales Agents FAQs 1


Where do I check my commissions, ect?

Your commissions are recorded and available in the Affiliate Dashboard

Sales Agents FAQs 2



How do I get paid?

Orders are processed through your sales agents link you can get paid your commission at the end of each month either through PayPal or Bank.