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Tunics are also known as T-shirts or blouses which are slightly longer than usual and cover the hips. Tunics can be worn in combination with jeans, trousers, or leggings, and are a perfect type of clothing for all seasons.


Ladies tunic

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Tunics for all types of figures can be bought on the Dressado online store. Tunics can show off a woman's advantages and disguise her disadvantages, so at Dressado a woman with any kind of figure may find the best clothing to look impressive. Pregnant women often choose tunics. Loose tunics, which fall easily to the hips, are perfect for those women who have an apple or pear-shaped figure; while for women with an hourglass or ruler-shaped figure tight-fitting tunics, which will highlight the waist line, may suit her best. Tunics can be combined with various belts, and you can always select the most suitable combinations on the Dressado website.