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For a pear-shaped figure, the perfect choice would be jeans with large pockets or with the pockets sewn closely. Dressado recommends that women with wide hips choose jeans with a normal or a low waist. In addition, the upper part of the jeans can be darker than the lower part, because this will optically minimise the hips. You should not choose peg-leg jeans, jeans in bright colours, jeans that flare from the knees downwards or denim breeches. Jeans if you do not have Long Legs ? Women with shorter legs should choose jeans with longitudinal seams, which will optically lengthen the legs. Comfortable women's jeans with diagonal pockets are a perfect choice, while jeans that cover the shoes are another good option. Discoloured jeans are very fashionable today, and they may serve the purpose for a woman who wants to visually lengthen her legs. Simply choose jeans on the Dressado website that are discoloured in the middle of the trouser-leg. Jeans with a high waist should fit you well, but very tight or flared jeans can result in a poor fit. Some Useful Tips If a woman wants to visually lengthen her waist, it is wise to choose jeans with a low waistline. The jeans can always be combined with high-heeled shoes that will make you look taller. Also, if you want your legs to look slimmer, choose women's jeans that are bleached symmetrically within the thigh area. Nowadays, this is one of the most fashionable models of jeans sold on the Dressado website, so you will also look stylish. A woman's buttocks can be made to look smaller by large pockets sewn on the back of the jeans. However, if you are satisfied with your figure classic dark blue or black jeans, which can be matched to practically any clothing, will always be perfect. Discoloured women's jeans are presently very popular, but when choosing this style of jeans, make sure that the discoloured parts of the jeans are located at the problematic places for your figure. If your hips are very wide, try to choose jeans where the discoloured parts are within the hip area. If you are short, you can choose to wear flared jeans with high heels. However, if your figure is boyish, the best choice is jeans that are decorated with various details. Today, one of the most popular styles of jeans at Dressado is peg-leg jeans, but if your hips are wide, peg-leg jeans will highlight this, so you would be better choosing women's jeans that are straight or that flare slightly from the hips downwards.


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